Marketing & Communications Professional

Anne Coltrain harnessed the power behind ALM’s custom reprints. As Marketing & Communications Vice President for a large law firm, she immediately saw the potential for making her marketing dollars work harder. She uses reprints as reception area collateral, for inserts in client requests for proposals and as part of her firm’s business and practice development initiatives.

Her digital uses include underscoring lawyers’ positions in e-mail newsletters and communications to clients and hosting the firm’s accolades on its website. Recently, she used ALM’s rich media by providing online audio and visual commentary on her firm’s published content and to validate her firm’s position on various issues.

Public Relations Professional

New to the job, Eric Long, Public Relations Account Executive was given the task of coming up with a proposal for an important law firm client. Eric explored what ALM’s custom reprints had to offer. He immediately recognized the client had enormous press that was not being utilized.

For print, he recommended reprints to be handed out at speaking engagements and included in press packets on the firm, its attorneys and their practice area. For electronic media, he suggested placement adjacent to attorneys’ profiles and included with their electronic communications. His recommendations for future rich media included highlighting the client’s published content highlighted their areas of expertise.

Recruitment & Employee Development Professional

Stacey Rubin recognized the potential of ALM reprints once she viewed our website. As a recruitment and employee development professional, she uses reprints of her firm’s good press to hand out on campus for associate recruiting, includes them with all key hiring collateral to present her firm in the best light, and for internal distribution to boost attorney morale and includes them in CLE or attorney training packets.

She hosted ALM’s content on the firm’s recruitment page and for all electronic communications. With future rich media, she was able to demonstrate to recruits the value of choosing her firm over another with online audio and visual commentary to further add to her firm’s reputation.

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