About ALM Reprints

ALM Reprints offers free advice and best practices from our team of extremely knowledgeable reprints and copyright consultants.

 Syndia Torres-Peña oversees Reprints & Licensing for ALM’s media brands worldwide. She has more than 20 years of experience working with clients to maximize the value of third-party endorsements in ALM media and event products.  DD: 212-457-7799  |  [email protected]


Howard Gilbert provides consulting and advice for law firm, corporate counsel and legal industry companies seeking to leverage editorial, award and other mentions in ALM’s flagship legal media and event offerings.  DD: 212-457-9462  |  [email protected]


Deirdre Roland specializes in working with companies in ALM’s Insurance, Finance & Real Estate markets to maximize their exposure in ALM products in these industry segments.  DD: 212-457-7786 | [email protected]


Christopher Ulloth focuses on helping clients maximize their packaging and presentation of ALM Reprints programs.  DD: 212-457-7995  |  [email protected]


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